Behind the scene


BHAILI, which is a Marwari (language spoken in the Indian state of Rajasthan) word, means ‘Friend’. When we were shortlisting names for our company, we had in mind a lot of names that resonated with the kind of products we were to bring to our customers. But we finally decided that our brand will be called BHAILI.

Our Products

The products at BHAILI are handcrafted using techniques that are traditional to our country, India, and have been practiced here for centuries. Generation after generation have carried forward the art and skills, which are still being practiced traditionally in the remote areas of our country. These skills are related to the land, water, climate/weather conditions, as well as the art and resources staple to that particular region of India. The USP of the products at BHAILI is that our team is directly involved in all the processes involved in the creation of our products, from their inception till the finished stage. The prints/ motifs/designs of our products are original, and are exclusive to BHAILI. There is maximum usage of handmade techniques in our products, involving handwoven textiles, hand block printing, hand embroidery, and handcrafted products.

Our Story

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Our Approach

BHAILI’s product range includes ready-to-wear garments for women. Currently, we only have women’s apparel, but we will be coming up with other variants gradually. Our products are pure Cotton. BHAILI celebrates the Artisans of India, and pledges to keep their art and skills preserved in its products. Each of our customers can be proud of the fact that that they have promoted employment of people in the remote and rural areas of India, besides encouraging their art, skills, and craft.

Come, Experience INDIA with BHAILI!

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